Are you ready to join the Green Economy?

Trudy Heller, Ph.D. (Wharton ’93) has opened the eyes of hundreds of professionals to the business opportunity in the green economy over the past two decades. More About Trudy

Trudy can help you:

> Prepare for the Green Economy and prosper in the 21st Century.

> Update your mindset to the changing business landscape.

> Discover opportunities in current business trends.

> Be inspired by innovative green solutions and entrepreneurs.

Mind-blowing, disruptive innovations are accelerating the transition to a greener economy, and changing the landscape for all businesses. Yet news of these developments are not delivered to your door each morning in an attractive newspaper. Are you inspired, motivated, and prepared for these future trends?

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Trudy Heller, Ph.D.

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I was really compelled by her ability to convey the business side to technical people of different backgrounds. She's really good at getting people in the audience to think ... to reshape their preconceived notions … of how economies need to work.

-- Environmental consultant

… Many people who feel passionately about sustainability cannot relate to those who have a harder time understanding the need for change, but she did a great job managing this. I think she also managed to open everyone's mind a bit wider as well.

MBA Attendee

… really inspiring …It’s wonderful to feel so motivated about this topic again! Thank you!

-- Senior Business Advisor

A belated thank you for your excellent speech! The videos were very easy to follow and the interesting case examples illustrated the possibilities of green business models very clearly.

-- Green Program Director