Trudy Heller, Ph.D. is a sustainable business speaker, master educator and global citizen. For two decades she has trained and motivated business and environmental professionals to discover opportunities in the 21st century green economy. She delights in opening the eyes of participants to the many opportunities for business to prosper by providing green solutions.

Heller works locally and globally

She led Executive Education Programs on the Business of Sustainability for power company executives in India, for IT Directors in Mexico City, and for clean tech entrepreneurs in Finland. She conducted workshops for Environment staffs at Masco Corporation, Baker Petrolite, and the Corporate Affiliates Program of the AHC Group.  She taught on the adjunct graduate faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and in Rutgers University MBA Program.

Widely published internationally

Trudy published a chapter on best practices in corporate education for sustainable business in Teaching Business Sustainability, and a paper on Educating Environmental Professionals about Sustainable Business.  She has been a speaker on these topics in India, Thailand, Ireland, Canada, South Korea, Russia and the U.S.

Writings on prospering in the green economy have appeared in Ulster Business Journal (Northern Ireland), The Encyclopedia of Sustainability (Berkshire Publishing), Research in Corporate Sustainability (Edward Elgar), E-Commerce Times, Western Mail (Wales, UK), Environmental Protection, and Foreign Policy.


In earlier years Heller was a business school faculty member, primarily at New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has a Ph.D. in Management from the Wharton School, and published research on product and technology innovation in Organization Science, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Outside of work she enjoys visiting favorite hiking trails and family in the Colorado Rockies, walking her dog, Sunshine, gardening, and hanging out in coffee shops.

… Many people who feel passionately about sustainability cannot relate to those who have a harder time understanding the need for change, but she did a great job managing this. I think she also managed to open everyone's mind a bit wider as well.

MBA Attendee

… really inspiring …It’s wonderful to feel so motivated about this topic again! Thank you!

-- Senior Business Advisor

I was really compelled by her ability to convey the business side to technical people of different backgrounds. She's really good at getting people in the audience to think ... to reshape their preconceived notions … of how economies need to work.

-- Environmental consultant

A belated thank you for your excellent speech! The videos were very easy to follow and the interesting case examples illustrated the possibilities of green business models very clearly.

-- Green Program Director