Green Publications

Information and Communication Technologies. Encyclopedia of Sustainability, vol. 2: The Business of Sustainability, C. Laszlo,, (Eds.),Berkshire Publishing, 2010.

A second wave of e-commerce (e for environment) is potentially integrating environmental intelligence into the DNA of business operations.

Sustainability Lessons From India: Q&A With Environmental Consultant Trudy Heller. E-Commerce Times, January 6, 2009.

India has been stereotyped as a third-world country trying to break into the ranks of industrialized nations but forsaking environmental sustainability in its quest. The reality, according to Trudy Heller, is quite different.

Sustainability Lessons from India

Sharpening a Competitive Edge from Sustainability in the Business World.  Western Mail, July 22, 2006.

We’ve been talking about ‘sustainable development’ for 20 years, writes Trudy Heller. But if industry doesn’t seize the challenge of climate change there is trouble ahead.

Lead Out: Management’s Greatest Environmental Resource might be Right Under its Nose. Environmental Protection, May 2006

… Like the university that hires an outside educational consultant rather than use the expertise of its own education department, management may overlook the EHS staff as a resource for expertise on sustainability.

Environmental Challenges Create Opportunity for Business. Ulster Business Journal, Northern Ireland, February 2005.

The business community has developed a wealth of bright ideas for addressing environmental challenges in recent years.

Corporate Education Programs for Sustainable Business. In Teaching Business Sustainability, C. Galea (Ed.). Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing, 2004.

… managers often speak of the need to disseminate sustainable business thinking throughout a company.

… really inspiring …It’s wonderful to feel so motivated about this topic again! Thank you!

-- Senior Business Advisor

A belated thank you for your excellent speech! The videos were very easy to follow and the interesting case examples illustrated the possibilities of green business models very clearly.

-- Green Program Director

… Many people who feel passionately about sustainability cannot relate to those who have a harder time understanding the need for change, but she did a great job managing this. I think she also managed to open everyone's mind a bit wider as well.

MBA Attendee

I was really compelled by her ability to convey the business side to technical people of different backgrounds. She's really good at getting people in the audience to think ... to reshape their preconceived notions … of how economies need to work.

-- Environmental consultant